Loud - Tech N9ne feat Irv Da Phenom, Bizzy & Alan Wayne (Pradagy)

Yeah I play my music LOUD!
I betcha you feel me coming down the block
The thunder in the trunk gon' knock
You know I play my music LOUD!
And yup I got the neighbors losing sleep
From the way I crank it up and let it beat
Turn it up like
(Boom boom boom boom)
Let it beat like
(Bang bang bang bang)
Turn it up like
(Boom boom boom boom)
Let it beat like
(Bang bang bang bang)
Turn it up like
(Boom boom boom boom)
Let it beat like
(Bang bang bang bang)
Turn it up like
(Boom boom boom boom)
Let it bang
Let it bang

[Verse 1]
Pulled up in a bucket, blowing on a blunt
Beat hittin like brrrump bump bump
Crack I crease sound like a big b_tch
In the back trying get up out a little n_gga trunk
Turn heads for I even hit the block
Lil kids running up when they hear the beat knock
Crank it to the max whenever I pass cops
Hearts keep a beat whenever the bass drop
My sh_t is quakin got my rearview vibrating
Pulled up next to my gran momma at the red light got her wig shaking
Seeing purple is what I'm tasting
Finna do some baby making
Gotta chop ta sixfy sitting next to me
B_tch lookin like some nialating
Hey sunday morning 'round eleven robot erupting in the reveren
I'll probably lose my hearing by the time I'm twenty-seven
It's a shame
But I need that dang
To vibrate my frame
ABS my game
Have to do a little switch up can a a player get strange
I tell my biatrice to quit yappin later or we gon' get nasty
You can do whatever you like to me, we can do classic or get trashy
Matter fact we ain't even gotta go to the crib girl we can do it in the back seat
For now sit back relax and let this beat massage your ass cheeks


[Verse 2 - Prada]
It's WHO
Jesus that n_gga that came with the heat that you needed
Loving the way it all hella hated on
Hungry little n_ggas 'bout ta eat till the plate is gone
Gotta flamer on, 'bout to step into the danger zone
Mind as well go ahead and call the cops
'cause 'em loud ass next door neighbors are home
And we come up to tear the block up
Beat it loud banging like blocka, them b_tches jock us
That why these n_ggas mock us but they not us, and it not just
Music with me and my partner, we done put time in this b_tch so how can you stop us
Prada (WHAT) Get 'e
Can I get up in the rhythm of the money
For the woman with 'em other n_ggas in the city to shred now
I'll never make let 'em hear now,
Got it made now,
Gettin' hoes now
Gettin laid now
Cause when I getta laying down,
Gettin paid now
You motherf_cker shouldn't hella from the say now
Gotta middle finger for yall scratch that I ain't even thinkin' of ya'll Pass that
So pass the gat to the back
Where I'm sitting now with the kitty cat I'ma laugh when I'm gettin' now
Roll down the window and let the beat slap (??) and strange you can't beat that
That's what it's all about Paul
Don't be hatin' on a n_gga cause a n_gga gotta a little bit of cloud boy
Sh_t talk sh_t down anyways
Shut your motherf_ckin' mouth BOY


[Verse 3 - Tech N9ne]
They don't want me to live in the end of my block
'cause when I get to the killer I don't stop
Partyin' with the ladies I pull in Mercedes you know we gonna
We kickin' it loud at 3 o'clock on the spot
Pouring liquor around we doin' shot till we drop
Every once in a while we get a knock from the cops saying
My neighbors probably wishin' I resided in hella prison
'cause they always tellin' me and mack to turn down our Television
And we got it into our stereo, you would think the scenario running lights
I got the mic when the bass kick hit very low
I can't help 'cause I like it loud I hype the crowd
I party and I despise the cloud
It might be froul the neighbors wanna fight me now
In the night we growl the woman excite me wow
So with the volume b_tton 'cause I be bustin' the thang
And I don't wanna nobody hearin' us when we bang
So I turn up the music and then lust then we came
Now I know the neighbors know my name
Can't help 'cause that's my style
More beat then a lolla loud
'bout to get me a killer in the country
Nobody to hump me tellin' me to
I'm gonna live it really black and proud
Go up in the yard n_gga reveren in doubt
Until the cops run up to me and then I crack a smile


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