Midwest Choppers - Tech N9ne

Welcome to misery where the killers pop it off
And when I say pop it off I mean daily with the tongue and the gun
We can do it if anybody want it
Where the rapper n_ggas are clappin up another, tell everyone
Misery loves company so we done with thee
Enemy, where he be? energy sendin me the route
I'm negativity, trippin with me you runnin for ya life
cos you ran your MOUTH! (MOUTH)

[We can sang or we can bang
It aint no game we untamed
Whether its fame or we can aim
Release your brains it aint no thang


Yerm Sayin?
We livin in pain
And it's a shame that you, came and got drained
And listen mane stay in yo lane]]]


Finna witness tha murderers monologue of a menace comin
from out of a sinister formidable place
I can let you know the ins and the outs and I can spit it wicked
twiztid And you can see by the look on my face
Give me the mic and ima mangle it tangle it
Definitely let people see that I got the hang of it
Pity you gotta try to make a mockery of a city, who
pock em n' pock em buck at chu' baby we dangerous
Came to get strange wit it bang wit it
Stop and get a little untame wit it
Get the choppa like a fully a bully wit a hoodie sit or get up
n' take em' out n spit cane wit it
Well the answer is right before your eyes
Who do you despise?
Killers who chop you we got to stop you pop you
partner you gussin'
Get up outta the way when techa nina be bustin
Gotta give it up im a veteran like Edison imma light 'em up
and get in ya head again
I'm better than ever never let a feather in, death and be fetishin
sever a head tha mic n then we peddlin' medicine
Automatic kick in the ammunition
Killin the competition no it aint nobody
Damaging everything and everybody
You know we on a mission
Listen to me
How can I make you understand imma general
Even if you poppin the competition is minimal
Kan City killers and you can bet that we criminal
The demon inside of me keep on telling me when to go
So imma keep reppin tha midwest choppers freakin flows
And im about to be up on top of this and truly be bussin
beggin for mercy you punk I aint givin you NOTHIN'


{Verse 2}

loc n fully we be the best in the midwest n we cant
if i aint talking about women im talkin about paper
D-loc n Dalima enter the center n we call it n win it
the competition we for surely kill em
i spit like the fully n ready mac doin me betta with or
with the beretta tucked right under my sweater
And we hotter than lava the way that my killers be keepin
it poppin partna you tight
But my dealers are betta
we keep it choppin like a blender eatin roids up fa
dinner guillotine we chop ya hands off n throw em out da window
we to critical we yell at you walkin away lookin so fritical
the ADC
we be the number one contenders
For dey kill em all off wit my middle finger up to the cops
So On the way to the studio we be makin another hot track
They be lovin the way that we spit it when we drop
They call me D-loc im the fortunate
definition of a soulja
my opposition is my cultural
i spit like atomic and anybody in my way imma fold em'
wit me n my gilla guerillas wantin ta win it
Boys be tryin ta battle cuz they want our position
but they aint never gettin in it
cause we betta n bigger
n like i told ya we tha number one competitors dealin
workin our way up to the top n they wont stop til they get tha millions
in a whole nother century
tha d-loc n dalima chemistry you can never cross
(pig latin i think ? i could never make it out clear enough to judge)
You can try to read us
You can try to beat us
Try to get your speed up but it aint gon matter
Cause after were done bustin a n_gga we done after
We takin over wit techa nina the master


Whenever im reppin the city in the cane
Holla your brain cuz im a disaster
Dalima get ready decibel comin atcha
We wanna Come atcha
Because im a style master
And im impressionable now
Just so ya kno now
I make em sweat
Cause the best with the flow
Whenever you wanna flex you can go
Keep stressing your code
And I make yo man go
Midwest will flow like
Cuz the energy is the bomb
I can tell that you fascinated by the way we rhyme
And we flow like with the mo like
Mo strike wit the fire
Cuz so senemy enemys now
Irritate with the haters that be comin around so I kick it
Like a realla with the style
Im too set for a cure so and I don't need for a doctor to work
Late for makin yo nerves
Late cause he called ya
Hands down now I popped ya now
Lets take a trip to the back of your real gear
Strange the individual wit ill skill

Let me act like you get tough wit it
When you get out of the truck spittin off the crane
Killers gon be the one to leavin yo bodies
Smoke ya but really
Cause whenever im bustin its like
the full heart stopper
The techa nina get up the flow cause we
Midwest choppaz


You better Act right get right
Cause im the baddest n_gga hookin up with the fastest badass
Hit you with the lyrical lyrical miracle whip incredible
knock the head like a several
Diggy diggy down diggy down watcha diggy down cook it clown
and at the house hold it down diggy diggy_____ diggy down
And if you look for the sound you can be found
with the n_gga in the crowd are you really wit me?
And when you hear it then n_gga then zip it
These make you want to reposition and pivit
When we write it and spit it we makin somebody get it
And if they wont hear it then they wont get it
Oh we can keep babblin on
Or rapplin off at the mouth while we travelin
And we speakin on on the speakin on the things
we be doin comin in to pop my mouth
And where the hell were u?
And I can stop with the drop
With the Caribou
And they see me pop I would say was you
And I wont hesitate to chop you
Until to you
While they doin you
And if you look at the better at the better to combust
you got the Cali gun for fun
And if you throw me past the pack man you get it
They putting down the gun
CHOPPA yousa CHOPPA that techa ninaz a CHOOPA
We gon come and Knock your block off
You never see us comin hit yah run and walk off
Cause is more what we wantin
And we come in and headhuntin
Wont stop til we get to the top
It's the way we Midwest chop yah

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