Mizery - Tech N9ne


From the beginning n_gga..
Its all Jesus..jeah..
Tech N9ne!! and my n_gga Macc James...
Heh heh heh heh heh heh...
Straight bringin that mizery, mizery..

Mizery when I see enemies, n_ggas be Kennedies (?)
Homicidal tendencies got mitch bade n_ggas on bended knees
Could it be that a n_gga wanna bang 'cause I'm runnin
with the gang that'll give a n_gga pain,
me and Macc James givin these b_tch n_ggas a taste of Mizery
Give em Mizery(ry) B_tches get with me
(me) Got my n_gga M-A-C (C) Gonna bring em mizery

I'm high, yall drunk..I love bud.
.bout to hit em with anotha hit up out of the Mizery n_gga n_gga what!
My murderous n_ggas heard of this verb that I serve
in this sssssh_t..I sh_ts word into the curb with this isssh (haaaf)
Mystic, might be twisted but b_tch we got the sh_t gifted,
Mizery n_gga, so what you givin me n_gga,
nothin but witchery n_gga, millimeter's the killa,
bow down to a n_gga right now for the sound, hold up,
n_gga came to the club and he found us,
???? tryin to down us,
I don't want that n_gga Vell up around us..
You the Holy Temple bandit, n_gga I'm a killa on candy,
Tecca Nina Ima be the omega believe I''m that
bomb that landed on your set 'cause you call me Satan,
when I look at you I see skull chips dipped in ranch
dressing, lemon chicken with a side of intestines,
induced vomiting backwards digestion,
torn ligaments with Ragu, garlic salt's meshin,
enormous hole in the ozone to affect my complexion,
frontal lobes fried in Wesson,
n_gga like me sick no need for no medicine.. Bishop & Keen (What!)
You betta believe you gotta leave
before you get a couple in ya belly..
Keena better strip in a whole nother city,
Bishop keep doing songs with R. Kelly,
Mentally you n_ggas can't even get with me
I done lost everything but my killing spree
Macc and Tech we be hotter than hickory
Killin delivery, livin in Mizery..



KC Mizery, leave unsolved mysteries
For f_ckin round wit my cheddar cheese
betta leave these G's alone before me and my n_gga tech nina
Hit ya home, split ya dome
With the 4 chrome, make a n_gga face melt like the ozone
In the mind of a psycho, what goes on?
Colombian necktie with no clothes on
Murder show's on, in the K-Town
I'm the type of n_gga that'll beat yo ass down
Shoot you in the face as soon as you hit the ground
Hit a n_gga, split a n_gga, then give you a pound
32 rounds, packin extendeds,
Crossin my n_ggas is not recommended,
Tempted to put you in a life long body cast
You best guard yo sh_t when the shotty blast
More straps than John Gotti had
So sick I sleep in a body bag,
Droppin bombs like Saudi
Had to get low in a Lac on faulty tags
Talkin trash'll get you took out
Four n_ggas posted just to look out
Get grips like fierce and have a cook out
Let me show you n_ggas what me and the crooks bout
Thievin, schemin, seein demons,
Smoke so much you kill yo semen,
Psychoactive human being
Eyes so low I look Korean,
Head steamin, funk bringin,
Old school rida gangsta leanin,
James & Tech N9ne tag teamin,
Leavin all you fags bleedin..

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