More Psycho Messages (Skit) - Tech N9ne

[Voicemail Operator:]
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What up? Is this Tech N9ne?
Strange Music, homie
Tech Nina, baby
Hahaha, Caribou Lou

You're hilarious

F_ck you
You are a f_cking asshole
Don't ever come past me or I'll make your life f_cking Hell
I don't care who the f_ck you are
You are a piece of f_cking SH_T

I apologize
Like, honestly, I don't know what's going on
I am sorry for being freaking mean

So.. there's always something, right?
Some f_ck sh_t
The first time, you lowered me to your door outside or something

Like there's something f_cked up about you
I'm looking back, and my feelings are so in the past about you
Okay? F_ck you
This is my response
This is my reaction to what is your reality

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