Nobody Cares - Tech N9ne feat Krizz Kaliko & Stevie Stone

[Intro: Tech N9ne]
Swanky all the time...
So don't worry 'bout me cause I'm
Gucci, luchi, all up in my hallsies
Come from Kansas City and
"Get money"'s what they tought me

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
I'm a real one, fill 'em, up, I bust and kill 'em
Didn't have to sell my soul to sell some f_cking millions
When I drop this Bou Lou drink, it'll put me up in billions
The ceiling never could stop this KC, MO civilian
How ya didn't know we had the green when I'm all up in yo' magazine?
So focused on the flow, fo' fifth, yo' b_tch throw sh_t, that's flattering
We ain't like you others, we got a very sick disease
And, if you get this bug, it may result in making cheese
Made a lot of Technicians, gettin' mo' is the next mission
We got the colleges, the suburbs and the 'jects trippin'
Off of this wealthy, foul-mouthed trigger
Don't even bother to get your wicky styles out, n_gga!

[Hook: Krizz Kaliko (Crystal Watson) {Tech N9ne}]
Everything in my head, all these words that I said
(Nobody cares) Nobody cares
(And nobody gives a damn what I say, who I am)
(Nobody cares) Nobody Cares
These bright lights, show my life {nobody cares}
(No one, no one, no one, no one cares, nobody, nobody)

[Interlude: Tech N9ne (Krizz Kaliko)]
Fellas better put a chastity belt on yo' spouses
Put-put a chastity belt on yo' spouses (Ugh-huh!)

[Verse 2: Krizz Kaliko]
It is what it is, n_gga, I'm underground
Y'all saying the same thing, mainstream in trouble now
I'm on my grown man, growin' a little stubble now
A Spotify gotta fly, hustle gotta double down
Murder was the case that I gave 'em
Damn her with my grammar hammer, nobody could save 'em
And we ain't just in Kansas City anymore
We on tour and we on some penny pinchin', "give me more"
If I die today, I'm comin' back, n_gga
Strange Music's on big black fat n_gga
Cause we resurrected with people been disrespectin'
No equal to this direction, with Kali, people can check it
We be the choppin' and Tech get it poppin' in every Metropolis
Tracks, we be toppin' as far as they flock to us, n_ggas be jockin' us
I flow, beware, rappers don't be goin' there
Maybe I'm just blowin' smoke in the air and no one cares


[Interlude: Stevie Stone]
I been (dope, d-dope, d-dope, dope, dope)
I get 'em (dope, d-dope, d-dope, dopeboy fresh)

[Verse 3: Stevie Stone]
B_tch, I been out here poppin', been up in these streets
Since I came up out that water, been the illest n_gga low key
Got yo' b_tch up all on my Peta, bendin' on them knees
B_tch came back around and got backed down
And done f_cked around and got beat, it's that, shake down!
Strange, so you know I make cake now
Want to know where's the house by the lake down?
I bought the car, it was the model and I'm make now
I kick back, my feet up, cramp down and re-up
Talk sh_t and I talk sh_t, let's pop sh_t, n_gga, G up
Eeee, Whoa, kemosabe, (what ya smelling?)
Walk up in a room all you smell is money
Sixteen to ya tall, King
Like the hitman, n_gga, holla, ball game


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