Now It's on - Tech N9ne

Wicked wicked
Now it's on (echos)
I murder your whole city
N_gga like Frank Nitty's hideous incidious
N_ggas betta give me respect when I flex
Comin tech flows like amphibians
From here to the Carribeans
Unexplored territories like Venus
N_ggas never seen the team that seem keenest
Bury ya mind like Zimas
Infared beamers keep ya posse on my penis
[Tech N9ne]
Now it's on
Wickeds in this da link a mid to west flex
Did a piss
To this b_tch who dis this cl-ick
Bliss is hangin that b_tch by the clitoris
You get spit on
Sh_t on
Hit on
Get on
the d_ck of this
Sl-ick n_ggaRA
But you can always call the Nina
A killer in America
I got skills to kill
Like overdosin pills
Blood spills for million dollar bills
You can't try to peel this
Or feel the illness
Of a n_gga that's comin out real (real)
I don't know why
N_gga you livin a lie
A plus I despise those who try
A n_gga like I this high and fly and sly
Mid west side so you just might die
[Tech N9ne]
Check it out
I murder these hoes, Hercules flows
My sh_t carries on like hepatitis
The weak bite us
Mean nothin ta me
Gimme no f_ckery foul like (what)
Non-gonococcal urethritis
I might just
Make a n_gga bite dust
When I bust plus
calamity feels great
Can it be ill? yes
Sanity kills a real n_gga but still
I wicked like Amityville
The best, the NINE!, correct, BURN!
Now it's your turn
You must LEARN!
Misery n_ggas the craze like 24 gang n_ggas on SHERM!
When it's on I be heated like a hot comb
Tell these punk muthaf_ckas to leave me alone
When I'm in the zone you get blown away
Get the clones away
Mitch Bade n_ggas cause it's on today
Now it's on
Now let me smoke and choke
And Let these n_ggas know that Leejo ain't 'bout no jokes
N_gga betta learn the ropes
We like costra nostra
And'll f_ck around and cut yo' throat
Decapitation facin devastation nations when they ragin can't stop this
N_gga you can catch a fist
And you can rest in piss
But the diss and you thought I missed
I'm indestructable and untouchable
Ain't givin a f_ck about what you know
I don't love no hoe, I don't mug no mo
But I'm still collectin my other dough
Now peep the rawness my rhymes is flawless
Fools get tossed for tryin to floss like bosses
People can call this the clique wit no losses
Cause a n_gga can flow from September to August
Deeper than seven seas, colder than no degrees
N_ggas is easy to get down on ya knees
When you f_ckin wit rhymes like these
I always find that he's bitin my sh_t it's me he's tryin to be
No more chances understand this
I'm the man wit the plan I stand from Kansas
And this weed enhances scandalous dances
What is in my hands will take yo last glances
F_ckin wit a technicality, that's what it gotta be
N_gga sittin on the side of me
My mentality makes fatality reality
Split yo anatomy, assault and battery
N_ggas pray to God we stop, we won't though
Askin who's on the top, they don't know
But don't no muthaf_cka in the muthaf_ckin western muthaf_ckin hemisphere really want Joe
Associated with a deadly force we got codes
Deeper than morse
Sounds like (noise)
And needle points bullet shoot through a horse
So of course
I'm leavin n_ggas dead like a corpse
(Gun shot then a pause...)
[Tech N9ne]
Don't test me
Another colloquialism I came up wit the b_tch peep this twist
People do pitiful sh_t I do unforgetable hits and n_ggas submited Amerikilla did it and got
aquitted it I flip it in a minute I'ma get them rellish lips
You can't sell us dips
We gettin high off K bombay (bombay)
Packin hella heat like Pompeii (Pompeii)
Itch-may ade-bay igga-nay anyway
I gets ill when I feel like, gettin biz
You know what that is?
I know what that is
When I be rippin eveybody know what that is
If anybody wanna catch this
I just said f_ck demons and I got pit backwards
And that's bomb futuristic attack sh_t
Match this
Takes hella practice
To rips scripts n_gga gotta be thorough
I gotta make this sh_t make sense so I can say "made it ma"
Top of the world
Gimme life or give me death
Death becomes the evil like asmodious I gotta a melodious flow
It becomes podious changeable
Untameable angel
Bustin like a Magnum, Tom Selleck
Adversary terror
Sick of loosin money in Harrah's
Mic assasin like Anotonio Banderas
How many n_ggas you know I bust style
So ambidextrous and I mean I'm buck wild
When it's on
I be heated like a hot comb
Like I said in the first, zone
Accident prone
Be these n_ggas don't wanna flex wit Tech when the heat is on
Now it's gone

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