O.G. - Tech N9ne

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
Raised in the middle of the land full of barbecue stands and the brothers throw hands
Every buddy grittin gettin grands Kansas city were the pretty women make you say DWAMN!
Kicks it like a donkey cause we famous
Wicked women want me cause I came up
This is were the homies trip and say what
Yo we from the show we get my money and we pay up
Got on my Five o Ones and my gritter posture
I fit her proper
If she papered I'm in her choppers
Lettin her know this nina dinner cost her
and I'm finna squash her some animal like somebody better get her doctor
This boys born and raised in KC M.I.Z.Z.O.U.
But once in a while I hit the L.K. for ladies
cause they straight B A.K. You
then back to Kansas city were it's gates all on they plate
we think about it and we crave it when we vacate
I represent the MO and all the way to K state
Call me Tech N9ne but teachers and students call me A. Yates

[Hook: Tech N9ne]
I'm hella fire like the food at Ollie Gates
Strawberry baked bean mixed plate
So everybody just bounce rock skate
Cant wait O.G. Ollie Gates
O.G. Like Ollie Gates
O.G. Like Ollie Gates
O.G. Ollie Gates
O.G. Baby
This is Kansas City

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
We be scoutin pretty young things and we got her sauced and
Like dun deal I'm a popper Blouzin
Get her hot and ready listenin to Roger Troutmen
Rest In Peace baby
Servin these beats crazy
Teach babyz we used to listen to this at least 80
We kansas city steppin no question
we reppin 56 and 57 we know that if he jeffen then hes shady
K.C.K.'s Gate got the chicken wing this'll bring
traffic when the people ??
So you better be listening cause the don is sniffin green
This is the mission get ya when you hittin your nicotine
They got your money man and you know that they ate
somethin delicious yea you know the tray say Gates
Thats the place were they come and getcha if the pay late
But I stay great cause everyones bangin the A. Yates


[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]
North side were is you (HEY!)
South side were is you (HEY!)
East side were is you (HEY!)
West side, what it do? (HEY!) (TECH N9NE)
Aint no bodys sauce like this
Aint no other barbaque boss like this
The feel rellas might cost quite a bit
Ya we doin it but the fire aint brought like this
O.G. told me go see
If the other cities' Q is G.O.O.D.
But he knew that id find out slowly
Just like my KC barbecue they cannot hold me, A. Yates

I'm hella fire like the food at Ollie Gates
Strawberry baked bean mixed plate
So everybody just bounce rock skate
Cant wait
Now everbody say
Lalalalalalalalalala, lalalalalalalalalala
Now Everybody Say
Lalalalalalalalalala, lalalalalalalalalala

Damn Boy

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