Overtime - Tech N9ne

Yea so, since i was 10 years older then her she tried
to give that coming to America spiel
You know what Im saying like
Some guys put in an hour
some of them even an hour and a half,
but a man gotta put in overtime for me to get off
Work it baby
Im gona give you extra you deserve it baby
put a star next to you cause you perfect baby
All the time
Clock out, clock in for overtime
(Tech N9ne)
If you think we bout to go to sleep
Forget about it
you can really doubt it
we can make theses energies link
In the middle was the night fixing to enter de pink
Never one to be stingy i leave my dinner she winks
cause she thinks she got me in her ??? ??? brinks
But Im a stick it with out a ticket and in her tender she thinks
S_ck me up and i become her energy drink
And thats what your gona need
punch the clock like Im gona be done on 3
Baby you prolly wanna kick and get her done on e
But you ever have steamy
sexual fun on weed
So i told her 9
No i don't look it but Im the older kind
but that dont mean Im gona stick and be quick to forget it
because tonight Im get it in overtime

(Stevie Stone)
Said i
Love your body
love your pace
Love the way your maneuverin your body off in my space
And weather the chase
and have your body off in the days
And could you feel the hormones they offer rays
and check it

Let me take a little dose of the page
Im hittin 4 hours and hours ..hours hours hours and days
All the positions i feel it really back in the day
Im ready to play my trombone have a parade
Get it get it get it get it come here
well theres a couple little things i wanna say in your ear
Im shifting gears
Never wanna smoke the wheel
Stevie stone in the bed
Im a freak for real
Baby girl Im gona fight for real
a little checkwards tongue got me head over heals
weather to chill
head shot ready to kill
ready to deal
head rock bock
not that you will
(Tech N9ne)
Baby baby
Gave me and job and i love it
I know you be lovin the way i throb when you hug it
When i got the panini i thought the job really was it
Before the panini you take the job and you shove it
Feel like a n_gga makin love when i does it
Don't clock em when Im stopin when it buzz Im gona plug in
good enough to be your husband in public
You really wantin to be packin a stud in your luggage
(Stevie Stone)
pack a stud in your luggage
Break down baby strong on love it
probably make a n_gga wanna love it
make me wanna snatch it
CT grub it
its one of a kind
You with me girl and Im coming with the N9nes
Spread them legs and open wide
Give me that overtime

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