Red Rags - Tech N9ne feat Big Scoob, Jay Rock & Kutt Calhoun

[Instrumental vocal loop - Tech N9ne:]
Some gangsta's wanna head blast, cuz I run with the red rags

[Intro - Tech N9ne:]
Free Uno Ace Capone.
The homie Keith Fudge, I got your back homie

[Hook - Tech N9ne:]
Crew, Su-wu
N_gga that's what we do
Who, be you
If you want funk me too

[Verse 1 - Tech N9ne:]
I'm bool as a bubumber
Laces in my shoes makin you wonder
Am I gonna act a fool or bring your crew thunder
Thinkin I pack the tool don't wanna use on her
I ain't trippin when the old days got my mind glitchin
Like different signs that ain't my kind got they 9's whistlin
Like a n_gga wanna find this and strip clips till my wines drippin
But nobody wanna do no crime they just talkin about rhyme spittin
When I'm at the movies, careful how you steppin to me
Cause I think who's starin at me wanna do me
Cause Im flamed up and Soo woo-ey
Dead crash, my head's bad
Cause I be thinking some gangstas wanna head blast
Cause I run with the red rags


[Verse 2 - Kutt Calhoun:]
I'm a motherf_cking animal, red devil, Tasmanian
Bangins' in my cranium, deuce click and five claimin it
Kansas City thang, from two clips at my range is bandana dangerous
You's crip when I'm sayin' it?
It's Soo-Woo business, then yous through n_gga
Blood? I don't give a f_ck if I knew you n_gga
That's that 85 mentality, victim of your reality
Catchin, pumpin' that 7-11 in your fatalities
It's another n_gga's wake-up, smoke water and drank up
Heavenly, blocks flames from 20's to the seventies
It's ballers tuckin' fed cash, to get you dead fast
Gangstas to head blast cause I run with the red flags!


[Verse 3 - Jay Rock:]
Uh, I'm just bicken back and bein' bool
You don't this feelin, look you f_ckin with the realest
No, gloves no, mask look you know we bout to kill it
Disrespect us will get your mami pinned to the ceilin
This is still holdin hemi's even when I'm in my jammies
N_ggas wanna catch me slippin leave me sleepin like a mami
Plus they still sendin this, haters wanna pack me out
Bunch of internet bustas always wanna run they mouth
I ain't trippin still, thuggin for [?]


[Verse 4 - Big Scoob:]
Signed up, suited and booted, old n_gga, ready for war
Layin back, stackin cake, but it don't take much to activate
Snatch it back and act innate, reignin' down the hand of god
Chopper get to sang a n_gga smokin like his elder bar
Forgive me Lord I'm trynna keep it cool
But I'm a old n_gga with a quick fuse, quick to smell the b_tch in dudes
Hard to walk in Scooby's shoes, do the sh_t that Scooby do
Fi' block, a general, I done paid my f_ckin dues
N_gga this the life I chose, f_ck that, life I choose
Still livin gang rules check the laces in these shoes
Gangsta n_gga through and through, tried tested been approved
On blood, one love, n_gga what, soo-woo

[Hook x2]

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