Relish - Tech N9ne

Relish n_ggas talk sh_t they bring it not anough get they dome split, and if u think im set trippin im hella SET, rippin rymes sluggin slimes spit on my face so i write a notha ryme, oh wait should i slow down f_ck no mitch not if u aint down wit the clown, town where im from spokane got a gun, sh_t betta run comin through yo abdomon,wen im comen wit my slug cause u talkin to much sh_t, damn im equiped, pull out yo knife, sh_t, i got a tech, 12 guage pump in the trunk not to minchen im hella drunk, meaning wont hesitate, put u 6 feet hela unda ground yo family cryin i be lyin tellin them that he was suicidal.
(chorus) rage, 12 guage, one mo down
page, my age, im a clown(3 times)
Im a clown in every word u heard, mitch bade hatas pull out the mah f_ckin word, so we move time 4 war people dyin every where its crazy mitch bade n_ggaz at home they lazy, probably blazin theyre weed up chronic gon so now wat sup, playin video games at home all hours of the day recieve a check i work my ass off dont even make half of wut u make FACT u a b_tch, a snitch in every way u play the game and get hated for the fame u make its true u dont half to ask me ask the world now u see whos g.
(chorus) rage, 12 guage, one mo down
page, my age, ima clown (3 times)

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