Roadkill - Tech N9ne feat Excision & Krizz Kaliko

[Excision/Tech N9ne:]
I need Energy!
Energy! Energy!
Choose your weapon
Send whatever you do in life to hell or heaven
No question
Kill it
Like a mac 11
Or smith and wesson
Tech and x and krizz will make em call the reverend

I kill off everything wit this
So good you better be bringin it!
Killin em cleverly kingin sh_t that is so real I will never be dreamin this!
Killin em softly no it ain't my lane
Hard is the way I display my pain
I put it on murder the moment they say my name!

Ew yeah
I do share
War instilled
I won't spare
I will spill
Those who are not real!

Push, pull, kick, aim, squeeze, drill
All everyone of ya
Push, pull, kick, aim, squeeze, drill

You better be careful with summoning my circle with evil intentions I dominate
Any competitor etcetera etcetera



[Krizz Kaliko:]
If we fear anything
That'll mean
You're the [?]
Lets see what you're made of
Kill everything you're afraid of

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