Sex out South - Tech N9ne

[Chorus: x2]
Sex out south-some
hit in and out
Screamin n cussin-some
bustin it out
Sex out south-some
freaks comin out
Sex o s is what its all about

I got this b_tch named Janave a Molela
Baby girl was flavor
B_tch is in sexual favors
Told me I could take her
Got a fettish addicted to pain
Wanted me to choke her
While she sat on my d_ck n c came
All over the sofa
But this hoe from the o she was cold
Didn't like to swallow it
A pull to the back of the throat
Kept a b_tch from vomittin
She begged for a d_ck in her ass
Baby liked it anal
But my head was too big for her ass
So I used my fingers
Down to Dallas with Rita & Alice
White n Phillipino
One on my d_ck n one tossin my salad
Off in the casino
Real sex ain't got sh_t on these vets
Told em they could keep me
Even thought about writin the check
I'm coocoo for a threezy
To all em b_tches n hoes that leave your life unexposed
You better peak this out south b_tches as pros
If you don't know how it goes
You besta follow your nose
Get on some freak sh_t
Now follow as the story is told
Its like:

[Chorus x2]

I know you heard that I-talk allota sh_t about a b_tch
But I'm bout to swerve this time
Talk about a differnt kinda chick
The ones who love the d_ck constantly-in an out
Even like to put it in her mouth
& I'm not talkin bout northbound b_tches-I'm talkin about those b_tches down south
You can find em in the 50's all the way to grab you
You can get em up in th partha lather
Thank you for the paper
Never given a f_ck about what your b_tch is thinking pety sh_t is second nature
Throw em in the mix n_gga f_ck em witha friend
They will be callin you so you can do it again
You ain't gotta spend-ain't gotta pretend
Call her up and tell her you needa put it in
& not just white
There's hella beautiful back b_tches
Give it from the back
They lovin the d_ck too
Down north women
They hate the b_tch brew
I know you don't like what I'm sayin but it's true
& ya'll be f_ckin the b_tches like we be f_ckin the b_tches
We be out for the p_ssy & we rockin you b_tches
Nothing you never could tall a n_gga could be stoppin n_gga cuz I ain't had enough of you b_tches-
Now-sex down south
When you put it in her mouth
& you don't need help from hitch
You can find em in a house of 6
Do the damn thing with one and switch
Any other women hatin
Got a n_gga waitin for that weak sh_t you pitch
Play that sh_t
Da down b_tch quit it sit down sweat it skit now b_tch!!

[Chorus x2]

I'm talkin bout chick set center
Where I'm from
St. Teresa's bishop hoe get up in her
Hit me neos rustin n the ones I be tusslin with
Now I'ma get mine & I'm hopin you get get yours before I WOOO!
Cuz cale be mackin them hoes fast
An if ya lucky ya be getcha a peice of evil ass WOOO!
With the red bombs
Cuz them the ones I love out south get my head gone
& they never wanna let me pull it out with the min on
So I'm pullin the rubber out
When I need it I'm takin the southern route
& it was late at night-clutch your lady tight
Or me & my n_ggas-out south!
Get it-with no dought
Sit it-your mouth
If ya with it then baby let me hit it-down south!
Still I got too many b_tches-that I posed to me
& the ladys really lookin like they - hoes to me
Like a lova
I got to get some more of her
Oochee koochie the way you do me
You really give it to me when we be-under the cover
Felicia-O-I'm glad to meet ya
But when you kiss this b_tch they go balistic
They troublein for some head-get to rockin the bed
Heard a southside screamin-SOUTHSIDE!

[Chorus X2]

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