She Devil - Tech N9ne

Sin with me I want you. She-devils in the house let me hear ya
(Hey) off top I gots to get near ya

[Verse 1]
Often they blow ya top watch when they hold ya jock
Shocked when the notch sold crotch and you lost composure
Soft for the ho's ya not stocked fulla roll ya walk for the
Hot shot wanna cop and do lots of dosha

She devil her greed level is hella high
Speed rebel exceed pedals with a devils eye
They call girl and strip they all twirl and trip in yaw world
They dip and all thorough and hip

Hustlers they sl_ts and drug smugglers
Money they double up throw that stuff up and bubble up
Best believe when I get ya I'm bout to strap it down
Cause wadatah Imma tippy tah on ya capitown

I go to have it now, TECH N9NE it's a habit
Got to stab it I'm savage hound
She devils are incredible out 4 thy dough
At her crilla is scrilla ex and tapes of Taebo yo

[Verse 2]
Today my wife left, I don't give a f_ck b_tch
That's why I'm paying you 150 bucks
To s_ck me and caniver
Let this diabetic d_ck touch your saliva

I take em blid and crazy 14 to 48
Every since we f_cked I been coughing and losing weigh stink ho
Trying to creep b_tch pick your son up
He been at school for a week

You f_cking freak trying to get the best of me
Kidnap you ass leave you lost like really without destiny
You stank trick you s_ck d_ck Jason Williams
(What up!) Shoot this dirty b_tch

[Verse 3]
This devilish b_tch is so succulent
Taking a piece of my soul every time that I bust a nut
She's like a succubus a nymphomaniac laying me back
On a fitchy mattress cum stinking smelling like catfish

Still I hit yeah I did it her p_ssy travels it doesn't have a pivet
I remember when she was timid your scandalous ass
Taking the pastors cash got em on the s_cking your tits
Snorting and passing hash

I still had to grab that ass had to laugh at stories
About you ragged ass-licking maxi pads, you dirty b_tch
You used to be nerdy b_tch
Now she's in the backyard f_ck thirty pits

[Verse 4]
Now besides being on ex and regardless of having sex
We getting close to gellets just grinding to every kick
2 fingers up in her p_ssy my hands rubbing her tits
As soon as my wife push me her mans f_cking a trick

(I don't care she know I trick) but she's starting to get hip
To it cause she's finding matches inside of my pockets
That say I strip which means I might get caught lose
Everything that I bought, the house, the kids, and the car I know it sounds Bizarre

But we should give her a call and see if she want it in that way
It's 3-way sex and we can all be friends
I know you've done it before don't act like you haven't whore
I'm bout to lose my wife I can't afford a divorce

[Verse 5]
F_cking with your p_ssy it's a handful you think
I'm drowning then you clowning
So basically b_tch you're a damn fool and that's a given fact
Plus I remember back when you was young I could see 100 n_ggas thru your gap

And all of them was probably hitting that
That's embarrassing you're stuck with 30 children, 20 miscarriages
In and out of buildings aint caring who it is f_cking newlyweds
Didn't mean to do it but you did sl_t

[Verse 6]
Devilish she's never to be faithful
Credit or fee it's better that she's tranquil
Even a apple my cock can unlock
The key to your asshole

Stop the plot do the freeze on my cash flow
Cock the gloc I thru these in the castle
Fresh outta school with a disease and a tassle
Ski's and it's natural you just my ho that's the reason you stack dough

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