So Lonely - Tech N9ne

[Mackenzie O'Guin]{Chorus}
So lonely(x8)
Yea when I came up I was famous and I stayed up
Now I'm way up people they just turn their hate up
[Tech N9ne]Been alone ever since i started to be an artist
I've been disregarded and i mean the hardest ever seen
I put em in the garbage to be departed when i spit this
Man he is wicked face comin up just like Stanly Ipkiss
But damn he is lifted where no familys listed
Plan to revisit that big planet he misses
But the land that he shifted twisted a bit cause man he resisted
To jam what he scripted calamity insanity with it
Like amedy pictures sickness hit banashed hes livid
So blow me witta bucket of hot phesis poured on me
Neva loved it now yall just be so phony
No homies woulda neva let bozeos with so so flows on me
When i said that it gets better its just bologna
Thats why NINA so lonely
[Mackenzie O'Guin]Chorus
[Tech N9ne]This my planet higher than yalls damnit
No laws and its raw candidates i made em all vanish
Vandalistic with this if man get his lips in this
Q uick damagin rip the b_tch no bandages that fits he draws panic
From clones i spit it up and then they gone im livin up within my zone

No body left to win my throne try callin home but everybody is so monotone
Your gettin this why tech is all alone
[Blind Fury]Its so lonely up here aint non of my homies up here
Cause they feel like i chose a career over my peers
But i try ta tell em love dont pay bills
Of me spittin these freezin free writtin jus probably bust dont make mills
Tryna stay chill when alotta rappers lust and chase thrills
F_ck the fame and the thrills im maintaining it real
Straight up Fury aint no jury minus the change in thrill to me
You a lame if you aint been embracing the skill you see
Cause ive been in it for a minute and i aint gon go away
Yall keep them trash rappers but im the one yall throw away
The songs i make show the pain but this game aint too friendly
I cant take it no moe so sing it mackenzie and tell em why im..
[Mackenzie O'Guin]Chorus
Got everything that I wanted but it came witta price
Bought me a crib with my money but I gave it my life
Sometimes I stay up kinda late and I hate it at night
Every other day me and my lady we break up and fight
Thinkin you bringin that mentality into my galaxy is
falsie for anybody to battle me
Realizing all I got is friends and family and after
that aint no body to look after me so im proud to be
[Mackenzie O'Guin]Chorus

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