Soldiers at War - Tech N9ne

H.I.G.H.L.A.N.D Highland n_gga
H.artless I.saine G.etto H.odlum' A.d N.ver'
That's what I'm talkin' about
Rogue dawgs, when I call my Rogue dawgs
Rogue Dawg, n_ggas
Fa the nine-eight
We'll have to crash 'em like this n_gga, yeah

My n_gga my n_gga we soldiers at war
Killin' off our enemies 'til it aint no more
Laws we break yo' sh_t we'll take
Murder fo them bustas and hatas it aint no escape
Rogue Dawg fo life!

It's the beginin of the endin fo yo ass
You broke ass n_ggas hit the strip we need mo cash
This midwest side hittin' like a M-1 time to get some
Payback fo you bustas that laid back
My gats aint met yo next so f_ck yo vest we dumpin'
Killin' all that punk sh_t that you heart be pumpin'
See somethin' I take it cuttin' through the red tape
Yo legs break tryin' to catch up who who led the race
It's 5-7 Highas heaven causin' insanity
Whatcha handin' me we'll have you b_tch ass postin' the vanity ??s
Gotta recoop f_ckin' with these troops
Soon as we see you Load up and we shoot on site
We turnin' out the lights my appetite for destruction
Got me in the mood for bustin' dumpin' accross the mizzou
And get to huntin' for Kevin East da oo-oo
And n_gga you knew da Rogue Dawgs rule!
Your so called truths get battered and bruised
Stackin' you fools so deadly it don't matter the tools
I'm afta my dues prove if you snooze you looze
Prepare for war when you f_ckin' wit my crew
Rogue for life!


265 lbs. all n_gga
And I'm good wit these dawgs n_gga
Got steel plated balls n_gga
Representin' 57th street
Me and my Dawgs bringin' the heat
Born and raised to be a villain on these Kansas City Streets
Best retreat when you hear my Dawgs barkin
Snarlin' got that blood boilin'
Midwest side carved in hangin' out the chevy now we blastin' and laughin'
Made to hit me smashin' on them bastards
Don't be talkin' when they ask you sh_t got drastic on that bastard
Left him fo da cats that sent them straight to hell
Just like hosts of veil another soldier's tale
N_gga the life of a coward was taken when we bailed

Look I swore to die for bloodline more heartless than my father brought (n_gga)
Load the cartridges with hollow point hard ones
When Rogue dawgs call it's an all out war move
56 marks it 'cause 56 swore to
Heartless insaine ghetto hoodlum livin and never dyin'
Midwest side until my last breath on highland
Why should I lie? I live an die for my side
Ride the city 'til they roll with diddy one last time
Let this n9ne yell out f_ckem
F_ckem if he's gon walk he's nothin'
F_ck where he's from he'll even run when I'm comin'
Rogue dawg fo life no fear of death no mo
I swore to live a life a soldier at war
Rogue dawg fo life!


Are you afraid of the unknown brains get blown
Expose chrome to your dome 'til you stiff as stone
With the phone neva s_ck it I'm goin'
In the pockets and blowin muthaf_ckas to smitherines
You knowin' that it ain't no n_ggas stickin' me like K-do
Be warned I'm able to explode like a volcano
On y'all we told y'all we Rogue Dawgs
We know y'all this one is Hong Kong
Fo' you bustas and hatas we (gotta make that paper)
Can't break us then take us I'll peel you like a potato
N_gga wait a minute got me bustin' like a lieutenant
My intent is to eliminate you cynics
Rogue Fo' Life!!

These young n_ggas always yellin' about ridin'
But these bustas ain't no muthaf_ckin' ridas
I pumpst a cock up in they b_tch and then I'm slidin'
These wannabe hustlas can't compare to midwest sidas
I'm rollin' deep wit my troopas fixin'ta expose the chrome
Detramental to domes though ozone
Thousands of bodies bein' found around me
Bottles of bud and double-U-double E-D
N9ne milla rhyme killa
F_ck wit me I'll take that bust of myron D
And throw 'em to mah Dawgs in the red sea
Now lets see if he can swim back to shore
Chunks missin' yellin' I don't wanna mess wit tech no more
I know you don't Tech N9ne I never say it again n_gga
I know you won't never will these n_ggas lit on my friend
And mista scare crow b_tch n_gga you ain't got to lie
You just a scared ho N_gga this is highland 'til we die
We got the triple life Cosa Nostra Rogue Dawg sh_t
B_tches and n_ggas all on the balls when it hit
I neva could understand how a n_gga could come so whack
What? o I ain't talkin about me I'm talkin' about them other cats


My n_gga my n_gga we soldiers at war
Killin' off our enemies 'til it ain't no more!

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