Sut Mig - Tech N9ne

[Verse 1 - Tech N9ne:]
I done a whole lot of livin' and I hold my position
And a doad of condition, hey
Gotta a load of your women and you know what they wishin'
They can blow what I'm grippin', hey
What I say, when you haters broke and dusty
Can afford no piece to snuff me, mad I'm livin' lovely, hey
To them s_ckas who wanna touch me
When I done rose out the mothaf_ckin' dirt all I got to say to a n_gga, "s_ck me"
Douche-bags, the douchiest of the douches get deuces
When I'm blowin' Caribou Lou cash
Always in the air like a red, white and blue flag
Cause everywhere my music blare like a Jimmy Choo bag
I been workin', got these grown men hurtin'
Wanna begin jerkin' tens cause my win certain
F_ck that cause lately I been yen searchin'
Tryin' to get my one and only upgraded from Louis Vuitton then Birkin
Trippin' with me cause all this work I done did
All this pain for me to become big
Mad at Strange you're nothing but some kids, quit it
Toured the world with Big Krizz, did it
Couple of b_tches up in the biz, hit it
See this ho, she wanna meet this mo
Cause I treat this flow like my jizz, spit it
Got these n_ggas lookin' like a sad puppy
Cause I ride the wave of success like a huffy
Because of that I attract the big b_tt and busty
What? What I'm gon' do? What I'm 'gon say to a hater?

[Hook - Tech N9ne:]
S_ck Me, S_ck me, S_ck me
You wanna throw salt
You wanna cuss me
What I'm gon' say to y'all
I'mma tell you s_ck me
Who say "dude, they tempt me"
Who say "dude, they tempt me"
Who say "dude, they tempt me"
Who say "dude, they tempt me"

Do I bring you for y'all? (Yes)
Do my team do it all? (Oh yes)
Okay, when I say jealous you say b_tch
Jealous (B_tch) jealous (B_tch)
Jealous jealous (B_tch, b_tch)
Jealous jealous (B_tch, b_tch)

[Verse 2:]
You can be negative
I got the juice to be ahead of it
Get the best crew then we level it
Comin' for you with thee rhetoric
Man this industry's hoes, with my energy flows
Man I f_cked that b_tch 'till she give me the gold
Then she gave me the forbes, listen gave me the glow
Took my tribe on the crazy road and baby we sold
All you man ladies behold, that's the way that we roll
That's what the swisher and ya b_tch up in her wavy-vy ho
Look, that's why them mom and daughter duos wanna fluff me
They love my music, they can't help but be a hussy
You think you stopin' Strange, think you 'gon crush me
Boy, s-s-s-s-s-s-s_ck me


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