Backstroke - Teedra Moses

Oh,uuhh,oh,uhh,oh,uuh,oh,uhh,ohuhh,oh your backstroke

Picture me in one of those two-seater things
Top down so thoughts of you were in the breeze
And the wind(and the wind)
And the wind(wind in my hair)
But each time I say I wont get back get me back around, and I know you bring me down,
but still some time you seem to get me high


Oh, Papi, I sit and think about all of the things that we go through and I
wonder why I stay with you but there's
Somethin' in yo backstroke(and it keeps me in the mood)
Somethin' in yo backstroke

Here it is I'ma make it plain
I'ma lay it on the line(lay it on the line)
Mostly I feel you're just a waist of my time
But oh(I want 'cha) I ( I gotta have ya) Oh (Really dont need ya)
Oh but it's the way you love me, that keeps me thinkin Papi, oh, I


And it keeps me in the mood(4x)
I can't do this forever, but right now i'd rather, just give in and get your love tonight

(chorus 2x)

(ad lib)
Oh oh oh oh
Papi it is you (3x) (hook - in background)
Oh yo backstroke

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