Cruising for Chicks - Teenage Bottlerocket

Been taking too much time
Picking out what I'm gonna wear
Gonna knock em all dead tonight
You know we're all gonna comb our hair
Crank the stereo up in my car
There's no chance that we will ever be ignored
But there's never any girls around
This piece of sh_t town anymore
Cruising for chicks

When I'm driving by girls at the mall
You bet your ass I'm getting creepy
They point their fingers while they laugh at me
But I know deep down they think that I am cool
If this ride is rocking
Then you better not come knocking
There's a chance that I'm straight up pervin'
Fogging up the windows
In my mother's old Suburban
Cruising for Chicks

And I'll say what I want to say
And I'll do what I want to do
And if you want to laugh at me
Well that's okay man
Cuz I'm getting stupid with my friends
And we don't give in to the latest trends
And we do everything our way
Cuz we don't give a f_ck what the TV's say
And when I want to walk I'll walk on you
And if I want to talk sh_t about you
And we will never change
You want everyone the same
There's no chance that we will live by your rules
F_ck you!!!

Cruising for Chicks

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