Maverick - Teenage Bottlerocket

You say it's not my flying it's my attitude
Goose and I will buzz the tower if we're in the mood
y old man gave me a bad rap
So charlie's giving me a hard time
Cougar lost his edge, he was holding on too tight

If we screw up just a little bit
We'll be flying cargo planes
Full of rubber dog sh_t out of Honk Kong
Man, it's classified
I'd tell you but you'd have to die
If we don't pull together soon
We'll get our names on the plaque in the ladies room
Slider stinks and Jester's dead
I got an Otis Redding song stuck in my head
In her bedroom today
So I left her a paper airplane
She said this could be complicated
I'm the only guy in Top Gun she ever dated

Highway to the danger zone takes my breath away
She lost that loving feeling man it flew away

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