Rathead - Teenage Bottlerocket

Rathead, never combs his hair.
Rathead, doesn't even care.
Rathead, he's from outer space.
Rathead, he's a closet case.

Rathead, never got a date.
Rathead, from another state.
Rathead, don't be alarmed.
Rathead, he's in your car.

Rathead can't go out at night.
Rathead wears his pants so tight.
Rathead seems so far away,
Even though you saw him yesterday.

He can't seem to find a place to work.
'Cause he's labeled as a social jerk.
Rathead likes to sleep all day.
Rathead knows no other way.

He's a rathead.
He's a rathead.
He's a rathead.
He's a rathead.

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