Over The Mountains - Texas Lightning

southern winds on runway three
i can hear the engines calling
like an arrow flying free
and the rain just keeps on falling

and the tremblin' asphalt shines
like a knife she cuts the silence
till she takes off and she glides
on to the horizon

over the mountains
freedom's more than a word in the wind
all the sorrows your heart held in fear
left behind now they all disappear
and whatever seemed so mighty and tall
aint so big after all

here i'm standing in the haze
i can see the clouds she's climbing
as her tail lights fade away
till my eyes no longer find 'em

there's the echo of a sound
hear it humming in the distance
like she's calling out my name
i have no resistance

over the mountains...

now it's silent everywhere
rain is creepin in my shoes and
i smell coffee in the air
realize that i could use one

and where ever she may fly
wonders of the world unravel
over hills and trees so high
that's where I'll travel

over the mountains...

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