Break a Bitch Til I Die - Tha Eastsidaz

[Snoop Dogg]
Its pimp sh_t, its pimp sh_t
N_gga said his b_tch took him to court for child support
Its cheaper to keep her
Cheaper to keep her
Thats real talk
Cheaper to keep her
Thats real talk, its cheaper to keep her

[Chorus: Snoop Dogg]
Now if you don't think I know what the f_ck i'm talkin bout
(What you talkin bout?)
Run down to the Dogg House, and see fo' yo own two eyes
B_tches try to pull snake moves to get a piece of the pie

Its impossible, to stop a ho
So let her go, and get the dough
Lead the way, or step aside
Break a b_tch till the day I die

[Verse 1: Snoop Dogg]
Check me out, no doubt, I flip the game and re-route
I check her in wit Magic Man Juan, or Pimpin Ken
I just got back from Milwaukee, the All-Star game
Not the NBA n_gga, i'm talkin real playa sh_t mayne
Macks, ballas, hustlas, and prostitutes
On the real my nig, you got to, got to get the loot
And if you got to shoot to get the loot
Then I guess you got to do what you gotta do
But know this, fa sho this, its somethin for realler
From a fifty cent n_gga to a thousand dollar n_gga
F_ck George Bush, the army, and the G.I.
N_gga this P.I., until I D.I.


[Verse 2: Goldie Loc]
Now don't get mad when you see me wit ya girlfriend
She ridin shot gun, smokin the damn thang again
Now say it ain't true...
Baby you gank em and play em it ain't no ring on you
That ain't what I do, just because I spend time wit you
Don't really mean i'm lyin to you
You got to understand what this young pimp will say
Cause right about now, it ain't no time for play
Now watch me slap ya ass wit d_cks, b_tch
You was stricly d_ckly, why you turn clitly
Thats even better, now both of you b_tches lick me
Then I sit back and watch y'all eat p_ssy
Kick off my feet and count my cheese
Snoop this ain't the XLF, this the P-I-M-P
Look, she think she burned out
Wait until I put her on the fast track and have her turned out


[Verse 3: Tray Deee]
Lil pretty skinny ass b_tch, but she gotta monkey
I know she s_ck d_cks cause her lips nice and puffy
But she got the wrong thought, kinda got me turned off
Must be why she sweatin me, the ectasy she gon off
For realler, ho don't know i'm bout that scrilla
I peel her like a sunkiss for comin wit that dumb sh_t(stupid b_tch!)
I keeps the P.I., poppin fa sho
Other s_ckas tend to love em, we just cop em and blow
Hos come, hos go, hos runnin ya slow
So keep her foot up in her ass, unless a d_ck in her throat
Main grew b_tch will go what I make ya do
And keep ya eyes on my Stacys while i'm lacin you
Ya like sex and sh_t, and gettin naked quick
Ya lil wreckless b_tch, so gon and check them chips
And bring every penny back home and deck
And pull a couple of mo' hos you know that wanna get wrecked



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