Dogghouse - Tha Eastsidaz feat Tha Locs, Rappin' 4-Tay

Gimme some of that G sh_t Goldie Loc
Yeah, that's what I'm talkin 'bout
Yeah, check this out y'all, uh huh huh

HOOK 2X: Snoop Dogg
We got Snoop Dogg in the house tonight, with the homeboy Tray-Deee
Waniac, Trip Loc and Goldie, 4 Tay from the bay, what you say
What you say, huh? (we do this like everyday)

[Rappin' 4-Tay]
Did ya get the dank, did ya get the dank?
Yeah I got the dank, you got the gas in the tank?
V.I.P. status, don't need an apparatus
Cuz the n_ggas I f_ck wit, they all about the cabbage
Down in yellobrick road my destination, the DoggHouse
Toastin Remys, fillin' jimmies, we goin all out
Lookin for the wizard, creepin through the fog
Got some bad ass b_tches, headed to the player's ball
They gon be strippin and wigglin ass
Hope you brought your playa pass
Tray-Deee, Goldie half dead, the twins blaze sacks
Bigger than big everyday in L.A.
4 Tay representin for the whole damn yae, Beeyotch

2ND HOOK: Snoop Dogg
DoggHouse, turnin it out, and if you aint dope you gots to get
The f_ck out, that's on the O G D P, (say what)
And that's how it is when you f_ckin wit me

Don't matter how you come, use all angles
Ties become tangled when the cutthroat strangles
My hookup, long rangers
Better float like a nationwide sky pager
Them hoes save us, talk about bein playas
On the real we can deal wit you playa haters
We hit the spot, every city got a block
What you makin when you take it to a different type of level that it pops
Know the dogg keep the hip rocks, steady bangin
Hoes steady sangin from the gang that we claimin
Yo, it's Waniac, the maniac, Trip Loc won't you spit that rap

[Trip Loc]
Park my sh_t and jump out, I'm at the homies spot
To see if he floatin with me up to the DoggHouse
Hit the weed he lightin, outside little n_ggas is fightin
This bomb, I'm likin
Holla at my folks I know up in the complex
N_gga ready to ride as soon as he get dressed
Now we ready to roll, hit the store, then the carpool lane
Once again it's on, big chiefin
Remind me of the noisiest place
Ladies all over the place, and n_ggas super laced
How we like it, saggin in my 5 0 1
Killin my lungs, keepin these homies and b_tches on one


[Tray Deee]
Man I got warrants, bad tax, still sayin f_ck it
Headed up to DoggHouse swervin in a bucket
Puffin on some bomb from my comrade Blue
And got my little b_tch catch a contact too
House shoes with the blue khaki suit and my locs on
Swoopin to some Soopafly, gettin my smoke on
N_gga Goldie Loc got the heat on roast it
4 Tay on the way plus the twins is posted
Bout to set it off bet it's off the hook
Straight crooks, gettin money off the books
Makin nothin but that gangsta sh_t that n_ggas lovin
Thuggin at the house party, f_ck goin clubbin


[Goldie Loc]
Let me hear you say pimps, banks, hustlers
Let's all get the money then murder these motherf_ckers
Cocks_ckers, they can't stop us
Now put up your choppers, just in case they rollin wit them coppers
I shut em down, DoggPound for them b_tches
I be seein you with snitches everytime I'm hittin switches
Ice skatin over dicthes
I'm true to the game, plus I'm out to get them riches
I be mobbin down the road tryin to bag up my bags
I'm saggin so hard I'm tearin up the back of my khakis
I'm tryin to reach my dogg Dirty Red
But this hoe won't let me know, which way to go
I'm movin slow
My chucks only come wit a hundred miles of walkin
Hundred miles of runnin smellin funny and I'm gunnin n_gga
DoggPound gangsta crip for life
And we gon party in this motherf_cker all damn night


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