Got Beef - Tha Eastsidaz feat Jayo Felony, Sylk E. Fine

[Snoop Dogg]
Yeah, yeah,
It's another one of those...
Snoop D-O-Double G, L.T. Hutton thangs
Yeah, we all off up in the hills right about now
It's about two in the morning!
I got big C-Style on the grill
EASTSIDE!!! Keepin' it way real
Dogg Dogg, LBC

Chorus: Snoop Dogg (repeat 4X)

If you got beef, with DPG,
Then holla at me, the D-O-G

Bridge: Charlie Wilson, Snoop

[C. W.] Any problems any problems you can holla at my dogg....
[S. D.] Holla, holla
[C. W.] Holla at my dogg, you could holla at my dogg, ohhhhh
Any problems any problems you could holla at my dogg,
Holla at my dogg, holla at my dogg, heeeeey heeeeeeey

Chorus 1/2

[Jayo Felony]
The life I lead
The average n_gga would have broke down a long time ago
Try to bang in a show and get slumped like The Crow
Anyday now, we gonna run at my n_gga them killas is Nathal
We see it all like night owls and we stay on the prowl
They don't wanna see me shine again
They f_ckin' with my mind again
But as soon as I finish this Heineken
I gotta go get my nine again
(It got a body on it from a party don't it?)
Yeah I been tryin' to slang it, but don't nobody want it
They can't help you with band-aids, we comin' with grenades,
You ain't seen this many n_ggas in your life with diamonds and braids
I'm from the home where they get sprayed and gang related raids
F_ck y'all, that start bangin' after "Colors" was made
Let's C-walk to that, and never give me no hassle
cause I come from one of the worst cottage in Paso


[Tray Deee]
It ain't no mystery you dissin' me you dissin' my clique
And ain't no question we come steppin' straight to get in your sh_t
So why you actin' like a b_tch? Puttin' your business on wax
When we could scrap or slap a clip, if you wanted to crack
See in the pen we got a name for n_ggas runnin' they yap
Sale soldiers, roll 'em up with somethin' up in they back
Handles ours, battle scars, Shackles, guards and all
And we the last n_ggas standin' once they start to fall
Make the call, or f_ck it, just kick off the brawl
Cuz I'm ridin' with my doggs, win, lose, or draw
Dogg pound insane, neighborhood twenty gangin' it
And every gangsta that I hang with down to bang
Full time pull mines and I gots to bust
F_ck a pass, when I mash, anybody get touched
So make my name taste just like a d_ck in your mouth
And watch the way you on my nuts when you spittin' it out

Repeat Bridge

Chorus 1/4X

[Sylk E. Fine]
You got a muthaf_ckin' problem with my n_ggas then you got one with me
It's the S to the Y, the L, just drop three keys
As I flee, to the homie L.T.'s, to make the magic
It's those that talk, and those that make sh_t happen
So what'cha say? You wanna spit? You got beef?
D.P serve the heat, straight to the street
Honey west, I make the mission complete
Therefore them b_tches who talk that sh_t
Be them b_tches that's gettin' they ass beat

[Snoop Dogg]
Now don't come round here f_ckin' with us
Cuz on the real homeboy, we'll be f_ckin' you up
And to you b_tches who be thinking y'all could slide by
With that punk sh_t, B_TCH, biddity bye bye
I f_ck a b_tch up faster than I do a n_gga
See to me, most b_tches is women but b_tch you'z a n_gga
We got rules and codes, G's and hoes
Friends and foes, ride or get rode on

Chorus 1/4x)

[Snoop Dogg]
N_gga, n_gga, b_tch

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