Now We Lay 'em Down - Tha Eastsidaz feat Kokane

[Snoop Dogg]
It's like this and like that and like this and uh
Eastside, Long Beach drop the hits and uh
We got, so many n_ggas on the team nowadays
Boy, my boys, the toys, the noise
Them Eastside boys is the real McCoys
We walkin through the projects sippin on a 40
Rippin, dippin, and spittin at your shorty
You may think I'm outta bounds but I think I'm in
I holla at my folks before I step on in
Spit at my n_gga Andy Hilfiger
Slide up in the garden, next to Steve Martin
We settin up shop on the east coast now
Dogghouse n_gga, the big bow wow
And we higher than a motherf_cker, east side up
Like this and like that motherf_cker

So wide you can't get around it
So low you can't get under it, now
So high you can't get over it
I just want to make your day

[Goldie Loc]
Wakin up late off a f_cked up day
I was in Dogg sippin, straight DoggHouse crippin
F_ck wit us and get that ass bombed out
Need some smoke, for the homies from the south
This is what it's all about
It's the city of the beach where the gangsters bang
Sam wake that ass up, get fresh, let's do some thangs
Swerve through the eastside Loc, scoop up the homies
Bang them other fools cuz them busters don't know me
It seems like this is my only chance to get rich
Invest in my chips, never chippin off a b_tch
Trip, bring that bomb to me
Underwater with c_caine, crackin with P O P
Up, up, up in smoke, you can hit it in a bong
I'm faded like Cheech and Chong
Watch out for the second hand smoke

[Tray Deee]
Yeah, I was born and raised in the ways of a ridah
Representin mines to be a true Eastsidah
Survival of the fittest, how we live this sh_t
F_ck a b_tch, dump a clip, out to get them chips
No restrictions, takin off as soon as friction
Pop, n_ggas drop once I pops the clip in
Pimp wearin khaki suits and stacy biscuits
And known like Capone to them gangsta b_tches
Keep em workin somethin everywhere we go
Either dope or the stroll if the b_tch is a hoe
West coast to the fullest but I bang the east
Mad motherf_ckers side to that city Long Beach
So throw them gang signs up when you see me ride up
And know for sure I'm bouta throw the eastside up
And if a n_gga got beef with that
That's where his ass'll be sleepin at
Point blank

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