Pussy Sells - Tha Eastsidaz

[Snoop Dogg]
L.T., Uh, The nerve of this b_tch

(Tray Deee)
A b_tch made purpose is to service a mac
In a skirt till her feet hurt workin trap
No breaks, ho break mine or she don't sleep
P_ssy just a piece of meat another means to eat
B_tches playin like the wayin so I stay in the game
Pimpin hard on these n_ggaz cuz they playin is lame
How i'm came at a ho is all a b_tch gone know
What I won't, what I don't and where to put my dough
Back-talk get you slapped broad stay in yo place
I might get the hanger then make you lay on yo face
Trick guerilla for my scrilla ho you got to know
Chronic weed smoke the only thing I cop to blow
Gangsta-playa paper-chasin break a b_tch like young
No tongue get em sprung from the game I run
One in a million with this pimpin Suga Free no cut
Now come up from promote and tell these hoes what's up

(Suga Free)
Ho must've said Suga Free go wash yo hands I said b_tch
I'm Suga Free I wash my hands befo I touch my d_ck
B_tch I'm ceasin, meanin
I'm 900-99 thousand, 900-99 dollars, 99 cents away from breathin
Now if she tell that her p_ssy ain't sellin she lyin
(Man that b_tch is connin you)
And it she say baby let's go get this paper
don't playa-hater hater she tryin be all the ho that you can be
Oh no I ain't gone playa hate you cuzz you dressed like you a freak
Goin "Now I lay me down to sleep"
With that pimp stick hangin french-braided right by my feet
Now on a accident p_ssy sells,
you see how heavy traffic gets p_ssy sells
N_gga you lookin foe yo ho main p_ssy sells
But you gone get plenty mo cuz pimpin neva fells
Ooohh venom, cross my heart hope to die stick a needle in my eye
If you didn't have Suga Free you'd have to invent him
(Got, Someby, Like a Mua F_cka)

(Snoop Dogg)
Me and my n_ggaz is hard as hell
Pimp slap a b_tch for some clientele
B_tch get me a room at a plush hotel
To hit this trick for this lick and go get my mail
If you ever get caught, cracked and thrown in jail
You know a n_gga comin throw with that bail
I put you on a track like that for real
And you know and I know that p_ssy will sell

[Hook (Snoop Dogg)]
Oohh She got the bomb, My b_tch got some bomb ass p_ssy
Oohh She got the bomb, You want the honey n_gga I want the money

(Snoop Dogg)
Where ever I go it's all the same
Do the p_ssy have a name yeah but it might change (da, da)
Dependin on the weather or the mood that that day
If the cat got macked then that fool gone pay
Now lay lay yo head on back
You down with the dogg then work that trap
And don't come back till you get that scratch, and bring it all to me
I put the P-I-M-P-O ology, b_tch threw a dolla at me me
I threw it back now she followin me (ha, ha, ha, ha)
I put this P-I down 7 days a week 24 hours

(Goldie Loc)
You say you broke ho, look here miss me
It be all tipes of n_ggaz that be payin for ma-dussy (b_tch)
There go the cona girl, now post up
If you come back with no chips, yo gets slapped up
I might hit you with the pimp stick
And b_tch think twice befo askin fo deez-nick
And the last time you had some money
Is when you stole it from yo momma,
b_tch that sh_t ain't funny (sh_t ain't funny)
But a pimp like me got payed (got payed)
And a hoe like you got played (got played)
Now listen to the sound of the bells ring
Baby it's cash goin on like ching ching
Get up, get out, and get some
You see what i'm doin, bustin on tracks to keep you f_ckin
Let you tell it i'm out here pimpin for free
That ain't yo Goldie I got too much hog in me
I dogg hoes like Snoop (like Snoop)
Throw some lotion on yo feet befo you jump up in my coup (beeitch)

(Snoop Dogg)
Pimpin ain't easy but it's a whole lotta fun
Tray 5,7,6,5,4,2,1
Get dought in the snow in Idahoe
I gotta lie to ho, and a wida hoe
One things for show if all fails
They go get my mail cuzz p_ssy sells

[Hook (Snoop Dogg)]
Oohh She got the bomb, My b_tch got some bomb ass p_ssy
Oohh She got the bomb, You want the honey n_gga I want the money
Oohh She got the bomb, Yeah my b_tch got some bomb ass p_ssy
Oohh She got the bomb, N_gga you want the honey fool I want the money

(Suga Free)
Yeah Tray 5,7,6,5,4,2,1 N_gga
Pimp on, In a real way

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