Take It Back to '85 - Tha Eastsidaz

We can take it back to '85 if ya
We can take it back to '85 if ya
We can take it back to '85 if ya
We can take it back to '85 if ya

Lets take it back on these n_ggas Soopafly
Show em what that Eastside LBC DPG like

Do you remember Wallabies and Crocusacks
Relicts gun pellets and blue golf hats
Racing tracks freaks with bats
Its been a tight rap and the say he got capped
Your city of your corner was the center of the map
Back then we scrapped
The G's know the happs
I was only fourteen playing quarterback
Five years before I bought my first Crodusack
It just bat around a homeboys spot
Damn cuz the spot getting hot
One more fresh vest in our hood
I stole a Turkish rope with the homie no good
Squabbled with some Eses
He got what I got too
Be the n_gga I was feeling suit
Back then we really didn't give a f_ck about nothing
Bust a n_gga's ass off just for saying a little something


Kurupt was always taught not to love a dumb b_tch
But in '85 I was in love with some dumb b_tch
I was headed on my way to the L.A. grounds
Told my mama car eight six L.A. bound
Jacks and cracks sacks dees and latch
Old G's from way back this is where its at
Im gonna show you how the west coast rocks the night
Not giving a f_ck this how I choose to live my life
For graduating I went Lousiana and split
At the age of seventeen not giving a sh_t
Then I grew up threw up
What I threw up
Doggpound Gangsta Crip
Great blew up
The gang like pounds of C4
Fun at your apartment door
We came for ya oh and all the weed
F_ckin shooting everything I see
I don't want it no more
Gas pedal on the floor


(Butch Cassidy)
Well I was twelve raised in hell
Always had a lot of time
After school chasing girls
Skinny with a curl
Tough skills were on
Doing wrong
Playing with his bone
Still standing strong
Sanging songs
'85 was on


For everybody out there
What yall know about this sh_t here
for all the n_ggas that was in the house partying
what yall know about this right here

The roof
The roof
The roof is on fire

We don't need no water let that muther f_cker burn
Burn muther f_cker

The roach
The roach
The roach is on the wall
We don't need no rain let that muther f_cker crawl
Crawl muther f_cker crawl

That's '85 n_gga
Young ass punk
You couldn't even come outside in '85 n_gga
Yea where were you at in '85 n_gga
I was on the eastside
Lets get the f_ck up out of here n_gga


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