Tha Eastsidaz - Tha Eastsidaz

Mobbin, straight billin through the eastside
Never had a site to rhyme, but I'm still mobbin

[Goldie Loc]
Dope dealers, to the fullest
I keep my glock, stuffed with rocks, so watch out for the bullets
Eastside, young n_gga sportin them chucks
Never givin a f_ck, so watch out for the come up
Them eastside n_ggas be the crip, crip, craziest
Ride wit my n_ggas fool we gon die for this
No need to be a punk just dump when I say so
Empty the clip another block let's go
I don't give a f_ck about some posted what
So C slide me the mac so I can rip sh_t up
We aint finished with this mission so listen to whats crackin
We aint rollin wit you n_ggas that's scared to do the jackin
The plan don't stop n_gga, f_ck the cops
If a n_gga snitch he the first n_gga to drop
That's all my game, we ride like macked up trucks
You know them n_ggas on the eastside be givin it up
Just blast for me, and I'ma blast for you
When I'm in jail, get cash, and I'ma mash for you
That's on the real homeboy don't let me down
I clown homeboy and I bang the pound

HOOK: Tray Deee
We Tha Eastsidaz, what define us, is we ridaz
And when we come through real n_ggas stand beside us
Killers, cutthroats, and knivers
Bringin it the livest, and leavin no survivors

[Tray Deee]
I still wear the same pair of khakis least three days
Nappy ass french braids and it aint no thang
Hang with motherf_ckers wanted for all types of crimes
Plus them little bitty n_ggas on they bikes wit nines
On the grind no I rhyme n_gga times is hard
Got jugs of water buried all across my yard
One time on my line tryin ta find a cause
Toss a n_gga in the street and reach up under my balls
Guns cocked, mug shots, cell blocks and locked down
But I done made it too far to stop now
Results of a banger, to most I'ma danger
No hope for those who come to close to the chamber
B_tches lovin I'ma gangster so f_ck it
No matta if I hafta I get at em in a bucket
Tuckin in my shirt and all that sh_t don't work
First look, say I'ma crook that did dirt for the turf
High talk, high walk, when I stalk the street
Gurantee who try to see me come across the feet
It's a eastside lifestyle, wild and foul
Goin out, puttin it down sayin f_ck the trial
Aim is to be famous wit major loot
A gang of juice, in case I gots to bring the troops
And everybody know the eastside the craziest
So motherf_ckers know it aint no fadin this


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