The Kids Are Ready to Die - The Airborne Toxic Event

All these inanimate places feel like they're changing.
The kids are all lined up on the walls look like they're ready to die.
All these thoughts they keep sending me it's like they keep rearranging.
We were caged up like animals and questioned and ready to cry!

Cause I was thinking of a day when I could take part in this danger(?)
I was standing by the church with a bottle and a gun in my hand.(?)
Oh I said "father I'm sorry I just don't know what to do with this anger.
this behavior 's collectible I know it wasn't part of your plan."

They have folks like us who are always the seed of destruction.
You could burn our clothes, you can watch our flame in the dark.
But you can't look me in the eyes and say you don't
feel like a little destruction.
That's why the kids are lined up on the walls and they're ready to die.

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