Strung out - The Bacon Brothers

Written by kevin bacon

Yeah I used to smoke like a house on fire
I couldn?t put them down
And I would drink all night till the morning light
They?d find me on the ground
You name it I abused it
Without shame I used it
There is just one thing that I can?t let go
When it comes to you I just can?t say no

Strung out on you baby
And I can?t clean up my act
You?re like a heavenly addiction
You?re like an angel on my back
It?s a physical dependence girl
There?s nothing I can do
I just can?t get enough of your sweet sweet love
And I?m still strung out on you

The first time that I saw you girl
My hands began to shake
I was hypnotized paralyzed watching every move you make
Every second every minute
I was falling deeper in it
How was I to know that that one sweet kiss
Would lead to harder stuff like this


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