Ten Years in Mexico - The Bacon Brothers

Written by kevin bacon

Tequila smile and a mango kiss
They?ve never seen rain quite like this
Give the storm a name watch her blow
She?s outside with a sweet surprise
You can?t stop her when her waters rise
Open up the door let her flow

Ten years in mexico
Watch them come and I watch them go
Where the time went I don?t know
Life and death joy and tears
Ten years in mexico

I still remember every step so well
Through the graveyard to the cheap hotel
Knowing any moment I might fall
Still a notion in senora?s eyes
She sees the ocean and the dragon flies
From the hacienda hear her call


I ain?t learned much
But I learned that love is all
And I learned to count
To ten en espa?ol
Last night I dreamed of ice and sleet
I dreamed of sidewalks underneath my feet
Woke to find my suitcase by the door
I ask the mountains and the cortez sea
How did she come to love a fool like me
But I don?t really need the answer any more


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