Done Did It - The Black Keys

(Verse One - NOE)
Yeah I settle back into the breeze
Get my cracker barrel on and focus on the cheese
Cheddar come, cheddar go, cheddar spend
I'm showin up in Heaven with a nut, let us in

The airport, the four point Sheraton
Holdin fifty G's in the duffel for a friend
He better come get it , a friend is a friend
But if the hunger pain win than he better come with it

I done did it
The game and the critic
Puttin' diesel out like the Chronicles of Ridd_ck
Im acidic when the cigar is litted
I'm the best of my pedigree, all things considered
I can't count all the goons outfitted in arraignments and secret indicts to outwit it
I'm still swampy
B_tches still want me
The impact I had on the block
It still haunts me
So many beards in the game going grey
The body wanna rest put the brain wanna stay

Streets ain't a place, it's a thought
Can't make long money when n_ggas tempers is short
I can guarantee you lose with a hsort fuse
But I can guarantee a mink when you think

(Verse Two - NOE)
Damn I'm seein' n_ggas in my sleep
Same ones who helped me trap figures in the street
From the spirit and beyond, they agree
Wealth has a cover price
Death is the fee
I thought clear when I was younger bout the dime
But the appetite for money tends to navigate the mind
I knew smart well
Structured a new cartel
They gave me that new car smell
Vain, with a deep sharp pain
OGs dubbin me the street Mark Twain
Pokerface in the middle of a drop off

Keep tellin' me he good keep my socks on
I'm in a rush, show the money like Maguire
Or get your ass nestled in the trunk like a tire
Situations is dire I'm not a new buyer
Get it or you can feel the Cannon like Mariah

(Verse Three - NOE)
You n_ggas joke with your money
Sit up in your mans crib and smoke with your money
Like everythings chummy
Ok, well we'll take yours and we live like the Pope with your money
Thats funny, get ghost with your money
And bring the game a whole new approach with your money
See you nigges rather boast with your money
And see how many b_tches you can grope with your money
I sell you a jewel, never let the money overrule, cause it
rules over life and the doom
Clean with the vest, I stress, invest
A drug dealers dream is a dream nonetheless
Yeah I settled back into the beat
With the ratchet stickin out the cracks in the seat
Now back in the street
My young boys are askin to eat
Tough guy you ain't lastin' a week

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