Gotta Get Away - The Black Keys

I got paid then I was on the road in a heartbeat,
Mama said, mama said,
"You got a one track mind,
But you ain't gonna get all the time."
She wasn't lyin'

I went from San Berdoo to Kalamazoo
Just to get away from you
I searched far and wide, hopin' I was wrong
But baby all the good women are gone

My last dime got used up on gasoline,
What I mean, what I mean
Atlanta, GA
By the end of the day
I'm well away, that's what I say


And everything I had to say
Wish we'd gone so far away
Well now I can't stay

I can't stop for no one,
It's no fun, no fun
With a one track mind
If you don't get lucky some time
But still I'm tryin'

[Chorus 2x]

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