Hard Times - The Black Keys

(Verse One - NOE)
Listen, it ain't fiction when you really broke
When you faced with an eviction letter note
You can really choke
How you cope? How you breath better?
How you supposed to up the ante in this jungle and achieve cheddar?
Question: Are you broke as a plan?
And is God just a fan of the pope?
I ain't playin
(Answer) I just deal with it
Envision holding mega bennie's and a jet
I just Captain and Tenille with it
Simple mind gamin'
How you supposed to be a trapper in the hood?
Re-adjust your mind mind frame and
Power bars, so I sold what I sold
Call collect it was cold so I'm owed what I owed

(Verse Two - NOE)
I'm a bad, bad boy tryna battle up the ??
I don't bark, I just bite down like I'm teethin'
Bail money saver
Money or the signer
Poster boy for any given infamous designer
Even in a gun war I maintain the fire
Never snitched, take the charge, maintained the lie
Most nights can't front, tears soak the satin
Waking up in cold sweats, from the passion
Wipin' off the toilet seat from pissin' all the time
N_ggas turned snake i hear them hissin all the time
Wifey said
Now she said I changed I don't listen all the time
I tried to drown the anger

So many things I'm running from so much to reconsider

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