Stay off The Fuckin' Flowers - The Black Keys

Up in the bleechers, in the penthouse, frontin
Stole burnin a half a bird
?Ulaka?out they lexus burnin
We eatin esco, b_tch, green pea soup
Corrine coup
in the front
with twelve rickshaws ready to stunt
roll the blunts ladies
use string or p_ssy
?ray glay? me my man
honest 700 grand out the whizzy
then the phone rang
bling bling bling
hey yo king
two more ice packs comin
forty bundles of onion
Roll the reefer to the maxium
Sax playin
Lay on the drums, the Jefferson song
I'm ready to cum
She lookin at me with a relevant stare
Know my pocket's the only hair
To come up out the hood stay here
Piss the merlot out
Trot my little thing downstairs
Cus anything other than that, we all ?willionaires? (willin heirs or willin airs?
Cant forget that
The ziplocks is get back
None of that overnight sh_t
We sellin seconds pa hit back

Sean hey yo
Its stupid hot
Take the shotty wit u
You and barkem, make it pop
Them n_ggaz from the golden era
Lemonade leathers
Who don't give a f_ck if they die
they more high
they're soliders in the streets
they rebels
bubble for motherf_ckin money
with b_tches rockin stilettos
so when the drought hit
they on their sh_t
the sheeps come out
lovin to see cypher powers
they cowards
stay off the f_ckin flowers

rockin a skull full of waves
four frames on his chain
Jamaican accent
Fresh out of Toronto, we black skin
Young black panther M.O.
?Love whalen? Reynolds
He on the crack spot
We know it as the trap shop
Adidas down sterling brown
Uncles is traffikers
Lifestyle growing spectacular
Green grass smuggles with green hash
Them n_ggas dont need cash
They only play fresh and rock mean glass
The dream stash only when the good boy last
These are all ruthless n_ggas who don't seem glad
Left her ass in the back of the gas
Never know shorty's in it
Its only glocks with mags here da
Feds come
N_ggas is bagged
No,give em his bag
These are ninjas in rags
Rock your flags

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