The Hangin' Tree - The Brandos

An angry mob
Had a man in chains
They were sure
He was to blame
A vicious rumor
Had made the rounds
Was soon well known
All over town

Don't you beg for mercy
You'll get none here
When you're dead, mister
There'll be no tears
Guilt and innocence
Are all the same
Long as we've got
Someone to blame

And with each tellin'
The story grew
The crimes got worse
The threat was true
"He deserves", they screamed
"The hangin' tree
For all he's done
To you and me"

The hangman's rope
And the hangin' tree
Take away the sins
From you and me
It's always been that
From time to time
We've got to have someone
To hang so high

And the seething crowd
Chanted his name
"By God, let justice
Be done today"
A man rose to ask
"What did he do?"
The cry went up
"Let's hang him too"

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