The Smoky Mt. Lament - The Brandos

Oh Lord
Lord, a poor mountain boy
Was buried today
Buried today

So young
Just a poor woman's son
They carried away
So far away

One fight
For the rest of my life
I'll live with the pain
Live with the pain

One child
Sacrificed to a cause
That I can't explain
No I can't explain

The Smoky Mountain rain
Comin' down
Feels so cold
Our blood is in the fields
My boy is here no more
Oh Lord

Don't cry
I'll be home by and by
I heard him say
He did say

So sure
That the dangers in store
Were all just a game
All just a game
I heard
In his last dyin' words
He called out my name
Called my name

Oh Lord
Can't your mercy afford
A poor boy be saved
One boy be saved

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