The Spectator - The Bravery

The birds are up when he collapses
through her door
Spilling out in constellations on her floor
Soaked in liquor he is soft as bread
And everything that's left in him
to beg her to his bed
He is a nocturnal always alone
They all speak in secret codes
that he has never known
In this world but not of it
so he watches from above it
A visitor here, this is not home
I am the spectator
I can see the world passing by from here
And I am just a child to a man
back to the dust where I began
I was never even here at all
I am the spectator
I am the spectator
His eyes like two cats scratching in his head
Begging him for sleep starving for a bed
But sleep it never comes
so he ticks the time away
Hour after hour hear them play
The bells go
Chime, chime, chime
Ticking, ticking time
Chime, chime, chime
Ticking, ticking time.

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