Perception Twin - The Butterfly Effect

push me over the edges
push me over the edges

suffocating the senses
you strip me defenceless, i know you
images reflected
i'm raped and molested, touched by you
perception over reality
and what we see is not always what we see
deeper inside
you'll find your eyes lie, judge not this time


distorted dreams in silence
no vital signs just the violence
tortured frame is ending
scars on my body just ghosts to remind me
i burn

still reflection disturbs you
twin perception unnerves you
split in two
beautiful brutality
self-inflicted these cuts my company
opposite sides of this coin
try both sides
i'm yours you're mine


you scream like a symphony
wicked trick has left me in agony
your malfunction is needing
vertical scars and proof of the bleeding
you burn

I hate, I hate I
I hate I hate
I am
your twin with you
within the burning
Alone you find
I am your twin
with you within

Burn and burn
and burn and burn you

I wont let you burn down

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