I'm Still Not over You - The Carpenters

Just today i saw you smile

And it took me back to yesterday

You still move me like you did

When you read me with your eyes that way

Haven't seen you for a while

Father time must be a friend of yours

You still take my breath away

Do i really have to say

How much i want you

(*) just when i thought i was doin' alright

Sleepin' away almost half of the night

Now who

Who was the last one i needed to see

Just when i had most of my broken heart

Put back together to make a new start

Now i have to forget startin' over

I'm still not over you

I was calm as i could be

As the feelings all came back again

What i was supposed to do

Treat you like a stranger or a friend

I'm not wise in things of heart

I'm not one of those who knows the moves

I was hangin' by a thread

Hangin' on each word you said

To hear i love you

Repeat (*)

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