If I Had You - The Carpenters

I wouldn't have the tv in the bedroom

I wouldn't have this teardrop in my eye

I wouldn't need the radio to be my lullaby

If i had you, if i had you

I wouldn't need the sun to light the morning

If i could have your love to light my night

I'd never for a second keep our love from burnin' bright

If i had you in my life

(*) if i had you again

I wouldn't be the fool i've been

If i had you again

I'd never let the lovin' end

If i had you again

I'd show you baby you're the only one

So say that you believe in second chances

And say you'll let me be with you tonight

(*) if you'll take my hand i'll show you just how love

Ccould be so right

If i had you, if i had you

Repeat (*)

Repeat (**)

Repeat (*)

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