My Body Keeps Changing My Mind - The Carpenters

You, you're driving me wild

You're making me fall in love

In love with you baby, i

I'm losing control

I don't wanna let go yet

Till you want me

You, you're all that i need

You're all that i want

And i'd sure love to love you, i

I gotta go slow

Keep it under control now

Till you want me

(*) but my body keeps changing my mind

Keeps changing my heart

When we're dancing

My body says love you tonight

To drive me out of my mind

When we're dancing

(**) well i know it wouldn't be right

To say take me home tonight

But when we get to dancing

When i see you dancing

When it comes to dancing

My body keeps changing my mind

You, it's you in my heart

It's you on my mind

And you just can't help it

I should give it some time

And wait for the right sign

That you want me


Repeat (*)

Repeat (**)

And we fly together across the floor

My heart's crying out for more

Cause i just can't resist you

Repeat (**)

You know

Repeat (*)

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