Thank You for The Music - The Carpenters

(from "the tonight show, 1978")

I'm nothing special, in fact i'm a bit of a bore

If i tell a joke you've probably heard it before

But i have a talent, a wonderful thing

'cause everyone listens when i start to sing

I'm so grateful and proud

All i want is to sing it out loud

(*) so i say

Thank you for the music, the songs i'm singing

Thanks for all the joy they're bringing

Who can live without it, i ask in all honesty

What would life be?

Without a song or a dance what are we?

So i say thank you for the music

For giving it to me

Mother says i was a dancer before i could walk

She says i began to sing long before i could talk

And i've often wondered, how did it all start?

Who found out that nothing can capture a heart

Like a melody can?

Well, whoever it was, i'm a fan

Repeat (*)

I've been so lucky, i am the girl with golden hair

I wanna sing it out to everybody

What a joy, what a life, what a chance!

Repeat (*)

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