Two Lives - The Carpenters

Maybe i'am a dreamer

Maybe just a fool

Lately i can hardly see the sun

If you had a secret

I could take a guess

But nothin' in your eyes seems to hold me

Truth or consequences

Which one will be?

(*) someone said

That time would ease the pain

Of two lives love has torn apart

But i believe whoever wrote that song

Never had a broken heart

One of us is hidin'

One of us can tell

And no one likes to be the first to know

Someone has to answer

'cause someone has to ask

If keepin' on like this is torture

And goin' undecided

You know, is twice as bad for sure

Repeat (*)

No, i can't believe it's over

It's over

And i love you more than ever

And ever

Repeat (*)

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