Talking to a Brick Wall - The Cooper Temple Clause

I'm Not Quite How I Should Be
Been Finding Tricks Too Hard
I'm Thinking Something Must Be Broken
'cos It's Wasn't Like This Before
Now Everyone Is Ugly And Everyone Is Stoned
Small Things About You Excite Me
But Then I'd Hate To Spoil The Tone
All My Little Somethings Just Ran Out Of Luck
Secret Dates With Strangers
Dirty Words And Fighting Talk
I'm So Scared It's Killed Me
Time And Time Again
I Can't Live With Comprimise
So Maybe We Could Talk As Friends?
If At First You Don't Succeed Try Again For Me
Today Is Going To Be Fine
Tomorrow Will Be Fine Too
I Asked For Things To Better Me
Even Though They Silenced My Soul
I Can Taste It Just For A Second And Then It Dissapears
The Flowers Look Like Glitter But Then So Do You My Dear
It's In The Way That You Look
It's In The Books That Won't Read
It Comes And Goes Like A Friend
It's With Me Right Till The End
It's In The Memories I've Lost
It's Concentrating Too Much
It's Breaking Down Of Relations
And It's The Beat Of The Clock
It's Not Being Able To Explain
Or Get Your Feelings Across
It's In The Pain That Won't Leave You
It's Coming Straight Back For Us
It's In A New Lease Of Life
And A Search That Ends Well
It's In Finding That Change
It's Being Happy Again

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