Billy Liar - The Decemberists

"Billy Liar's got his hands in his pockets
Staring over at the neighbour's, knickers down.
He's got his knickers down.
So the summer is eternity for you?
Sleeping in until your father's shaking you down
He's shaking you down.
And the mailroom shift gets a real short shrift
As you dole out the packages, no-one seems to want you around
All skullking around.

Let your legs loll on the lino
'Til your sinews spoil
Will you stay here for awhile dear,
'Til the radio plays something familiar?
Plays something familiar.

All a-drifting, he's the no good boy-o
Sent a-fishing for a whalebone corset frame
(His only catch all day)

So he sits and lets the current take him
A gentle breeze will leave his pants in disarray
And at his ankles laid.

As he drifts to sleep with a moan and a weep
He is deckedby a Japanese geisha with a garland of pearls
How she twists and twirls!

'Til the radio plays something familiar
Plays something familiar
Plays something familiar
Plays something familiar

Bah bah bah bah bah bah bah-da-dah
Bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah"

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