Driftin - The Dirty Heads

Well I've been driftin' liftin' my mind with these splits and
Realizing just in life what I'm missin'
There so much more then just regrets cause if you can't
Love yourself how can you love the next.
Yo me and dirty we been kickin' it since old school.
And I remember just chillin' out in my back yard sipping
On some 40's writing songs laughing so hard.
It always seemed like such a dream to me
It always seemed like it was so far from reality
But deep inside I always knew that it would be my path
And if I ever got a chance yo I would make it last but
I've been.

Driftin' so long, from myself and from the pain.
Driftin' so long, I think I found better way.

I feel like I've been changing
And I dont' like just what I see
I feel like I'm the victim
And my own worst enemy.

Well I've been driftin' missin' the times we didn't
Listen to no one but ourselves because we knew we
Were on a mission
No one ever thought it'd happen
For two of the boys to get paid for rapping
I got people looking after me the way I go the
Path I lead
Some say it's not a job but we practice like an athlete
I'm constantly driftin' but I finally found what I need
It's passing me in forms of speech every time I pass
The beach.

I found a better way and now I strive for better days.

Well I lost my path but I found my way.
We can all learn from our own mistakes
Sometimes I'm wrong but I learn that way
But we won't ever know until we stop.


I've been driftin', I've been driftin'. I've been away.

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