Insomnia - The Dirty Heads

I need some Valium, Xanex, Percocet, Darvocet, Vicodin, Klonopin, sleeping pills and Nyquil.
I can't sleep yo and it's driving me mad it's like my eyelids are glued to the top of my forehead.
I lie in bed with my eyes wide open but Duddy don't you worry you'll be sleeping in a moment,
Then moments turn minutes and minutes turn to hours then hours turn to long ass nights and cold showers.
It's four in the morning still wide awake let's see how many bong tokes Duddy B can take.
I already drank all the alcohol left in my house now I sit here wide awake with a dry f_cking mouth
And I just think of all the things on my mind and then I let um roll around about a million times
Until it's got me you it grabs a hold of me baby, it's insomnia kids you know its driven me crazy.

Turn out the lights lie my head down, I lie my head down I close my eyes.
Now all I do girl is lie here I think I'll die here insomnia.

Push my face in the pillow to asphyxiate the sound, I'd cry my self to sleep but I'm too scared that I might drown.
I'm calling for the sandman but I don't think he's in town, and all these sleepless nights have running thoughts have got me down.
I think I got a sudden case of narcolepsy maybe call up Duddy B so we can smoke the best weed
And give me something nice so it can calm my chest peace and talk about some things that we really don't need.
Now as I lay in bed in my head I'm running circles stuck in the land of low light and infomercials.
Its insomnia kids you know its drivin' me crazy only thing that can save me is an overdose maybe.


Fallen fallen, trying to fall asleep. Fallen fallen but my eyes are just too weak.
Fallen fallen, trying to fall asleep. Fallen fallen but my eyes are just too weak.


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