Sails to The Wind - The Dirty Heads

One by one, they will turn theyre heads. ya we will make them all Dirty Heads oh no. well they can run and hide, they cant hide for long, cause them Dirty Heads, ya there coming for you we wont stop until the job is done, ya they can run and hide, but we will find them before the night is through

Listen to my lyrics let em keep you afloat, I know that were not sinking but please please don't rock the boat. went down to the well yo to make myself a wish, I threw my coin in kid this is what I spit, I'm a rhythm composer verbal bulldozer march up the beat like a lyrical soldier that's what I told ya didnt wanna tell ya my rhymes are so hot that they call me the melter. I sense the anger I sense the danger sound the alarm theres a wolf in the manger sails to the wind while I burn oxygen I'm breathing out words til the lights get dim call me captain dirty head one mic I'm at the top of the mast while you look into the night put up your shrouds cuz the wind blows slow grey skies are coming so watch out below


Beware of the audio storm in the form adjusting your eyes cuz were out of the norm, I'm crushing lines which have been forwarned and rushing my rhymes cuz I keep my sh_t torn so ranger ranger who dropped the banger dirty j coming hard straight out of the hangar I get entangled I hit the angles fallin from the sky on the wings of an angel filling up the terror the stereo blarer this sh_t goes out to head phone wearers, salty backed boy with the uv shining light and even if the moon is out I'm still gonna shine it bright so lay all your troubles on my shoulders I can take it vibrations from the vocals get your f_cking spine shakin complications come adjacent get your brain facing and hurry up your b_tt cuz the dirty heads is waitin


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