Do You Wanna Hit It? - The Donnas

V1. Another friday night with the contraband
Waiting for my plane to land
Have a sip of this jack and mixer
Watch the lakers beat the sixers

I'm tired of hitting on you
It's about time to be getting on you
All messed up and I don't care
So c'mon take off your underwear

Int. Give me one more hit c'mon
Just one more hit c'mon

Ch. I got enough to split it
Do you wanna hit
We're never gonna quit it
Do you wanna hit it

V2. I can't stand up but that's ok
So let's crawl to the back of my chevrolet
But check your door make sure you lock it
Cause you got something for me in your pocket

I think you'll like what I can do
I saved the last shot just for you
Chug some more from my flask
So c'mon it's not too much to ask

Ch. 2X
Do you wanna hit it

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